Theater, Art, and Music

Art, in its purest form, is an expression of the human experience.

There is a certain science to answering the following question:

What is human?

And many people have taken to many different interpretations of human and how to express it in a meaningful way, but artists have devoted their field to this. While science aims to describe the human experience through rote study of the natural world and mathematical rigour, artists acheive a very similar goal through an almost entirely qualitative approach - art takes humans in their purest natural form and shows the limits of our expression and ability to share emotions, feelings, experiences, and the subconscious.

From painting to sculpture, theater to music, poetry and literature, no matter how different they may manifest themselves (those differences being the astonishing beauty of the thing), they have one undeniable ultimate sameness -

They are created by humans, for humans.

That, is simply beautiful and wonderful. There is nothing more human than humans ourselves. And that may seem blatantly obvious - but it is an important point to consider when trying to define "art." I believe that art may be defined loosely as the process by which expression is formed by one human for another or the same human to experience.

For example, an artist may create an expression only for themselves to experience - and this is still art. The moment that purposeful expression occurs, this is art. Purposeful human expression of the human themselves.

We excel at this, and we have excelled at this since we learned to to communicate through sound and movement, purposefully and thoughtfully, and sometimes accidentally. But it is the act of thought that separates experience from expression, and that is uniquely human.