The Freedom of Knowledge

It is one of my fundamental beliefs that the wealth of human knowledge should be free and accessible to all.

The accumulation of knowledge, and our ability to preserve, protect, correct, and pass it on from generation to generation, may very well be our greatest acheivement as a species, and most certainly sets us apart from the other animals and life forms on the earth. We have devised the ways to teach every next human a knowledge of the world that is so vast and astonishing that we all take it for granted, each and every day, from the moment we wake up and know that is it is a new day, and that the earth has once again made a rotation around its axis, and that it has progressed 1/365.2422 of the way around its regular solar revolution - or the knowing that a healthy breakfast will make for a better feeling day.

If knowledge encompasses the whole of human discoveries which exist in the minds of individuals, then information is the media and host in which it lives outside of those brains. Information is not an abstract concept - it is a very physical and real thing that we have created as a tool for storing, sharing, and interpretting that knowledge.

Therefore, if knowledge ought to be free and accesible to all, then information ought to be treated just the same. That is why all of the academic or scientific information you may find in this section is free to use and interpret as you see fit - and additionally, if you agree with something I have said that is opinion, please feel free to use my language to express your similar opinion, or alter it as needed to align with yours. No one owns the English language, and the words I have written here mean nothing until they reach your eyes, and are interpretted by your brain. I encourage everyone reading this to write down your thoughts, write down your feelings, create information, express your knowledge, and share it. Share as much of yourself with the world as possible.

If we all share as much as we can about what goes on in these brains of ours, I think we may finally find the peace and understanding that we all truly desire and strive for - even those who may not think they do.

But, that is all just an opinion, and simply that. So I thank you for listening and for hopefully taking my words to heart. I encourage you to disagree. I encourage you to find and share your own opinion, no matter how different it may be. I hope I have inspired you to share what you have to say and think, for each of your brains are equally capable of this wonderful and beautiful thing we have been blessed with -