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Replaced Potentiometers on an Oscar-Schmidt OE-30

This semi-hollow body electric guitar had all original potentiometers - a tone and volume for each pickup - and they were starting to loose their reliablity. Picked up fresh pots from guitar center, (5500K, linear for the volume, logarithmic for the tone).

A quick solder job made this guitar operate like brand new! (Still need to replace the pickup selector switch - its starting to loose contact in the center position)

Replaced Indicators on Yamaha A-450 Amplifier

I purchased this vintage Yamaha A-450 amplifier (1979-1981) on eBay. The original button indicators (incandescent) were no longer working when I got the unit.

After some quick probing with an oscilloscope to determine the supplied voltage, (for the Power LED, AC is supplied at 60Hz - those with a keen eye can see the LED flicker) and some Ohm's Law, I picked out some bright LEDs and soldered a resistor in line limit the current draw.

Modified old Constant Voltage Power Supply

I found this ancient 12V power supply at goodwill for about $5. After opening it up and transcribing the circuit, I realized I could probably redesign it to properly change the regulated voltage - but I was in need of a pretty reliable variable supply quickly, so I bodged a voltage divider onto the output - a quick and dirty fix, but works quite well for what it is!

The potentiometer was stolen from another project I had taken apart.

Installed Recessed Lighting in Hallway

Over the summer, my friend's parents were renovating their home and asked for some help with the electrical wiring. I wired a few outlets and switches, but the biggest job I completed was removing a sconce and installing recessed lighting to replace it in the hallway.

The sconce was removed, then I cut out a large working hole in the drywall to access the breakout box. I rerouted romex from that box to the ceiling, then fished the line through to each of the holes we had drilled for the recessed units. Fishing the romex through the celing was only possible with baling wire and a 3 ft. auger.

Additionally, I rewired the 3-way switch which originally controlled the sconce with a Wi-Fi enabled switch that also allowed for dimming levels. I put that switch at one end of the hall with constant power for the Wi-Fi connection, and the switch on the other side remained conventional. Instead of a 3 way switch, the new design simply requires that both switches are on to turn on the lights - an AND gate, instead of a XOR gate (3 way switch). This worked out very well for their purposes and desire and the layout of the house.

2006 Mustang Differential Rebuild

Coming Soon!

1992 Toyota Celica new Front Shocks replacement, Transmission Pan repair, TV cable adjustment

Coming Soon!

Quadraphonic home sound system with Yamaha Mixer

Coming Soon!

Various Home repairs (Faucets, sealing windows, roof repair, security door installation, etc.)

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