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My Motivation

From a very young age, my favorite question has been "Why"

Why does the sun come and go?

Why does my alarm clock buzz?

Why does light go through my window?

Why does a car move forward?

The question of Why has been a fundamental tool in my conceptual understanding of the universe. From the moment that I could articulate the words, I have been asking Why to everyone I meet, and as I continue to learn the answers to some of the above, the questions started to become more knowledgeable as well:

Why do massive objects attract while like charges repel?

Why does a battery cause an electric current through a device?

Why does light scatter more in certain structures than in others?

Why does combustion occur?

As I developed these questions, I realized that the question of How is what can take Why and make it very useful. Now-a-days, some of my biggest questions look more like this:

How can we make electric cars cheap, safe, and accessible to all?

How do we power the world with fully renewable sources that don't impact the environment?

How can we manage high energy storage systems safely?

How can we reproduce sound and light to spread art, creativity, and knowledge to all?

And perhaps most philosophically,

How can we answer the eternal question - Why?

I'm not sure if I will ever find an answer to that final question - but I know that I can answer some of the others above - and if doing so brings happiness, comfort, or utility to others in the world, then I will be completely satisified leaving that final question up for interpretation.

My goal in life is to always be learning, to ever increase the knowledge that I can apply to the real world, to ever increase the human experience. Through art, technology, education, communication, and mutual understanding, I hope to support my causes through the use of engineering systems that accomplish their goals safely, efficiently, and effectively. I believe in focusing on technology that brings the greatest utility and happiness to its users, utility being the ability to do something human, and happiness being the ability to experience something human. I love theatre, automobiles, music, energy systems, and many other industries that can contribute to human happiness, comfort, and utility.

Dylan Gardner, BSEE Northeastern University (August 2022)

Graduating Electrical Engineer in Tucson, AZ (August 2022)

See below for some examples of my work and accomplishments for an electric formula-style vehicle for the Formula Hybrid+Electric competition.

Me, in our 2022 FH+E entry car

Two two awards received by our vehicle at FH+E 2022

The 2022 Northeastern Electric Racing car

Monitoring battery cells while charging our accumulator

PCB Designs for Northeastern Electric Racing

HV control and interlock circuitry for Accumulator

This delrin plate housed precharge and discharge circuit for the 300V accumulator-inverter connection, as well as multiple monitoring connections, and the main safety interlock relays